7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters
7-In-1 Emergency Whistle - Chief Outfitters

7-In-1 Emergency Whistle

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Introducing our Survival Multi-Tool, a compact and essential kit designed to provide you with various survival tools in one convenient package. This multi-tool is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and individuals who prioritize preparedness and safety.

  • High-Decibel Survival Whistle: This whistle features a patented design with a sounding inner chamber, producing a high-decibel sound that can be heard from a distance. It is built to military-regulated standards, ensuring its effectiveness in alerting others to your location during emergency situations.
  • Compass: The high-accuracy compass provides reliable navigation guidance, allowing you to find your way in unfamiliar terrain. Its clear and easy-to-read display ensures quick and accurate readings, helping you maintain your bearings even in challenging environments.
  • High-Precision Thermometer: The thermometer offers fast and accurate temperature readings, allowing you to grasp the current temperature in real time. This information is crucial for assessing weather conditions and making informed decisions during your outdoor adventures.
  • Survival Reflective Signal Mirror: The reflective signal mirror utilizes sunlight reflection to help search and rescue personnel locates you. By directing sunlight towards your intended target, this mirror can effectively communicate your current location and increase your chances of being found.
  • Tinder Magnifying Glass: The tinder magnifying glass utilizes the principle of sunlight focusing to refract sunlight onto dead grass or leaves, producing a flame for fire-starting purposes. This method is a reliable alternative when traditional fire-starting techniques are unavailable.
  • High-White Light LED Flashlight: The LED flashlight serves as an emergency lighting system when bright light sources are scarce in the field. With a long bulb life of 10,000 hours, this flashlight ensures prolonged illumination during critical moments.
  • Sealed Storage Warehouse: The storage warehouse provides a secure space for storing your own life-saving items before your travels. Additionally, it allows you to write your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and blood type, enabling rescuers to gather vital information promptly.
  • Nylon Lanyard: The included nylon lanyard enhances convenience by allowing easy carrying and accessibility of the survival multi-tool.

The Survival Multi-Tool is designed to equip you with essential survival tools in one compact package. Its high-decibel whistle, compass, thermometer, reflective signal mirror, tinder magnifying glass, LED flashlight, sealed storage warehouse, and nylon lanyard ensure that you are prepared for unexpected situations during your outdoor expeditions. Stay safe, prepared, and confident with this versatile and reliable survival multi-tool.

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Material: ABS high-strength 

Package Includes

1 x 7-In-1 Emergency Whistle