Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters
Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters
Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters
Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters
Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters
Adjustable Tactical Pouch - Chief Outfitters

Adjustable Tactical Pouch

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Introducing our Adjustable Tactical Pouch, a versatile and durable accessory designed for tactical and outdoor use. This pouch offers ample storage space, high-quality construction, and adjustable features to meet your specific needs.

  • Size and Origin: The pouch has dimensions of 24X12X10.5cm, providing sufficient storage capacity for your essential gear. It originates from Mainland China, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • High-Quality Nylon Fabric: Constructed with high-quality nylon fabric, this pouch offers excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. The material is known for its strength, making it suitable for rugged outdoor environments and tactical operations.

  • Color Options: The pouch is available in a range of color options, including Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, MultiCam, and MultiCam Black. Choose the color that suits your style and preferences, allowing for seamless integration with your tactical gear.

  • Laser Cutting MOLLE System: The pouch features a laser cutting MOLLE system with a loop attachment on the front. This system allows for easy customization and attachment of additional pouches or accessories, enhancing the versatility and functionality of your gear setup.

  • Top Square Loop Panel: The pouch is equipped with a top square loop panel, providing an additional attachment point for patches, identification, or other accessories. This feature adds personalization and customization options to your tactical setup.

  • Back MOLLE Attachment: The pouch includes a back MOLLE attachment, allowing for secure and convenient attachment to other MOLLE-compatible gear or platforms. This attachment system ensures stability and accessibility during your missions or outdoor activities.

  • Adjustable Retention: The pouch is designed with adjustable retention, allowing you to securely hold and access your items. This feature provides flexibility in accommodating various equipment sizes and ensures your gear stays in place during movement.

  • Optional Drop Leg Attachment: For added versatility, the pouch offers an optional drop leg attachment. This attachment allows you to carry the pouch on your leg, providing quick and easy access to your essentials while keeping them within reach.

The Adjustable Tactical Pouch combines durability, functionality, and versatility to meet the demands of tactical and outdoor enthusiasts. With its high-quality nylon fabric, laser cutting MOLLE system, adjustable retention, and optional drop leg attachment, this pouch is an essential component of your tactical gear setup. Stay organized, prepared, and mission-ready with this reliable and customizable pouch.

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Material: Nylon

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1 x Adjustable Tactical Pouch