Camping Fire Tool - Chief Outfitters
Camping Fire Tool - Chief Outfitters
Camping Fire Tool - Chief Outfitters

Camping Fire Tool

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Introducing our Camping Fire Tool, a reliable and essential kit for fire making during outdoor survival, camping, hiking, and emergency situations. This tool is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, allowing you to create fire easily and efficiently.

  • Wood Material: The fire drilling tool kit is made of wood, providing a natural and traditional approach to fire making. The wood material is durable and heat-resistant, ensuring the tool's longevity and reliability.
  • Lightweight: The tool has a weight of 270g, making it lightweight and easy to carry during your outdoor adventures. Its portable design allows for convenient storage in your backpack or camping gear.
  • Compact Size: The tool has dimensions of 40.5cm * 8cm * 5.5cm, providing a compact and manageable size for storage and use. Its convenient size allows for easy handling and operation during fire making.
  • Burlywood Color: The tool comes in a burlywood color, adding a natural and rustic aesthetic to your camping or survival gear.

The Camping Fire Tool is a practical and reliable fire-making tool for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness. Its wood construction, lightweight design, compact size, and burlywood color make it a valuable addition to your camping, hiking, or emergency survival kit. With this tool, you can confidently and efficiently create fire for cooking, warmth, and other essential needs during your outdoor adventures.

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Material: Wood

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1 x Camping Fire Tool