Outdoor LED Flashlight - Chief Outfitters
Outdoor LED Flashlight - Chief Outfitters
Outdoor LED Flashlight - Chief Outfitters
Outdoor LED Flashlight - Chief Outfitters
Outdoor LED Flashlight - Chief Outfitters

Outdoor LED Flashlight

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Introducing our Outdoor LED Flashlight, a versatile and convenient lighting solution for your outdoor adventures. With its multiple lighting modes, USB charging capability, and additional features, this flashlight is designed to meet your various lighting needs.

  • 5 Lighting Modes: The flashlight offers 5 lighting modes to suit different situations. With a short press of the knob key, you can switch between warm light, white light, mixed light, and red light SOS mode. Additionally, a double-click of the knob key activates the flashlight mode for maximum brightness. This allows you to customize the lighting according to your specific requirements. The lighting angle can also be adjusted for optimal illumination.
  • Type-C USB Charging: Equipped with a 10000mAh lithium battery, the flashlight supports Type-C USB charging. This ensures a more environmentally friendly and convenient charging experience. You can easily recharge the flashlight using various power sources, such as power banks, wall adapters, or car chargers.
  • Power Display: The flashlight features a power display function that allows you to keep track of the battery condition. This ensures you are aware of the remaining power and can plan for timely recharging. Moreover, the flashlight can also serve as an emergency power supply for charging mobile phones or other USB-powered devices in urgent situations.
  • Atmosphere Lamp: The flashlight doubles as an atmosphere lamp that can be carried, hung, or placed according to your preference. Its warm light creates a cozy ambiance wherever you go, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. It adds convenience and comfort to your outdoor activities.

The Outdoor LED Flashlight is designed with your convenience and lighting needs in mind. With its versatile lighting modes, Type-C USB charging, power display function, and atmosphere lamp feature, it offers reliability, functionality, and a pleasant lighting experience. Choose our flashlight for your outdoor adventures and enjoy the convenience it brings.

Product Details

Main material: ABS+PP
Product size: about 7.16x2.55x2.55inch

Package Includes

1 x Outdoor LED Flashlight