Solar Heated Shower Bag - Chief Outfitters
Solar Heated Shower Bag - Chief Outfitters
Solar Heated Shower Bag - Chief Outfitters
Solar Heated Shower Bag - Chief Outfitters
Solar Heated Shower Bag - Chief Outfitters

Solar Heated Shower Bag

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Introducing our Solar Heated Shower Bag, a convenient and eco-friendly solution for outdoor showers. Made of PVC material, this shower bag is designed to harness the power of the sun to heat the water, providing a refreshing and energizing shower experience.

  • High-Quality PVC Material: The shower bag is constructed with durable PVC material, ensuring its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The black PVC material is specifically chosen for its ability to absorb sunlight effectively and heat the water inside the bag.
  • Large Capacity: With a capacity of 20 liters, this shower bag provides ample water for a satisfying shower experience. Whether you're camping, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor activities, you can enjoy a refreshing shower without the need for external water sources.
  • Solar Heating: The black PVC material of the shower bag absorbs sunlight, harnessing its energy to heat the water inside. This solar heating system saves energy and promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly showering experience. By utilizing renewable energy from the sun, you can enjoy a warm shower without the need for electricity or gas.
  • Convenient Size: The shower bag has a product size of 40*60cm, offering a compact and portable design for easy transportation and storage. It can be folded or rolled up, taking up minimal space in your backpack or camping gear.
  • Direct Showering: Once the water is heated by the sun, you can directly shower using the shower bag. The bag is designed with a nozzle and a handle for easy control and handling during your shower. Simply hang the bag from a suitable location, open the nozzle, and enjoy a refreshing shower.

The Solar Heated Shower Bag is a practical and environmentally friendly solution for outdoor showering. Its high-quality PVC material, large capacity, solar heating system, and convenient size make it an essential accessory for camping, hiking, beach trips, and other outdoor adventures. Experience the convenience and comfort of a warm shower wherever your outdoor activities take you.

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Material: PVC
Size: 40x60

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1 x Solar Heated Shower Bag